As a graduate of Carleton University’s Bachelor of Journalism program and a current student in Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting program, I have had the opportunity to tell stories across a variety of media. Below are some selected examples of my work.

The King of Fruits: A three-minute feature about Pakistani mangoes—one of the world’s hidden fruit treasures—and the people who love them, created for 96.9 FM Radio Humber.

Craft Brewers of the Junction: A six-minute feature about two people following their dreams of becoming brewers, just blocks away from one another. Originally aired on the Living Toronto podcast.

Humble and Fred: Life After Radio: A 2012 radio documentary exploring the new media careers of former radio personalities “Humble” Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson (9:22).

Strippers: A short piece created for Carleton University’s Radio News in 2008 that examines the effect a possible $5 coin would have on Canada’s strip clubs (1:15).

Marijuana: A 2008 Carleton University Radio News piece about a university professor helping young people fight marijuana possession charges (1:16).

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